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Friends only. :)

I like good movies. I mean really good movies. Not random "entertaining" movies. I like American Beauty, The Lives of Others, and Let the Right One In. I like Sergio Leone's westerns and I like The Godfather. I like Fight Club, The Usual Suspects, Reservoir Dogs, and Pulp Fiction. Please understand.

As far as music goes, I'm pretty open but for the most part I listen to indie music. If Pitchfork gave it at least a 7, I probably like it. My favorite artists are The National, Radiohead, Interpol, Arcade Fire, The Flaming Lips, Final Fantasy (Owen Pallett), Sigur Ros, and Sufjan Stevens.

I read a lot. I hate Stephenie Meyer. I love Kurt Vonnegut, Chuck Palahniuk, Malcolm Gladwell, and David McCullough. Teen lit annoys me for the most part (the only exception really being John Green).

I do theatre. I'm more into lighting than sound, but I don't think I'm particularly good at either. I fall under the stage manager category.

I'm planning on going into film. I don't really care if you approve or not.

I currently reside in the middle of goddamn fucking nowhere, Illinois. I think I live in literally the worst place in the country. Most people will agree. It's that one place with the manmade lake that the town is named after. Our claim to fame is America's Next Top Model contestant Sarah Vonderhaar. If you live in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, you know exactly what I'm talking about. If you don't, you've probably never heard of us. Sorry.
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Doctor Who [The Doctor: layout match]

Uck this.

My f key is broken and I have to copy/paste the letter everytime I use it.

iremen, iretruck, uschia, ucking stupid, ricking stupid, elicity Human, The Lie Aquatic, conerence, aair, ull House.

New House on Tuesday ater three ricking weeks. -sigh-

Doctor Who [The Doctor: layout match]

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Finished English project. And it's pretty amazing, if I do say so myself.


Top 5 songs of the moment:
1. PM's Love Theme - Craig Armstrong (Love, Actually)
2. First Snow - Clint Mansell (The Fountain)
3. Teardrop - Massive Attack (House, M.D.)
4. Psycho Boy Jack - Dust Brothers (Fight Club)
5. Glasgow Love Theme - Craig Armstrong (Love, Actually)


Ow. Cut thing on finger. Damn. Violin thing tomorrow. Heh.


This is me being lame. :D
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Doctor Who [The Doctor: layout match]

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Jesus H. Christ.

Guess I'm going to stay up all night working on a stupid English project. 

Why are some people unreliable as all hell?
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Doctor Who [The Doctor: layout match]

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Ughhh no new episode of House for two more weeks.

But the new 24 today (or rather, yesterday) was pretty fricking intense. I hate not having anything to watch on Wednesdays (Project Runway). They should... move Scrubs to Wednesdays so that I can start catching up instead of watching the re-runs. Arg, coveted CSI timeslot.

What's up with that?

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