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Who looks at a screwdriver and thinks "Oooh, this could be a little more sonic."

Never been bored? Never had a long night? Never had a lot of cabinets to put up?

The Doctah
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Welcome to my lonely corner of the internet, eh?

things I fancy
movies. music. tv. reading. tea. bananas. the Northwestern calculus cheer. apple snapple. Tony Blair. orange chicken. indie stuff. controversial authors. pretending to be British. milkshakes. movie scores. classical music. pwning n00bz. most tv shows. being a tv junkie.
things I loathe
people who try too hard to be witty. most pop music. my orchestra teacher. people who aren't open to new things. people who repeat themselves. OCD. the casting director of the harry potter movies. stupid people. not owning enough DVDs. people who think sci-fi is stupid before they actually watch any.

afternoon tea, alan ball, angry beavers, arrested development, augusten burroughs, batman, being cheeky, biting thumbs at people, bloc party, blu-ray, british phrases, british suits, bruce campbell, bruce wayne, christian bale, cinematography, classical music, colbert report, craig ferguson, csi, curb your enthusiasm, daniel day-lewis, danny elfman, dario marianelli, darren aronofsky, david mccullough, david tennant, doctor who, edward norton, elevenses, eli roth, english, ennio morricone, entourage, ethan hawke, ewan mcgregor, exploitation films, famous last words, film, firefly, gel electrophoresis, george clooney, grammar, gregory crewdson, hans zimmer, harry potter, harvey dent, heath ledger, hey arnold!, history, hobbits, hugh grant, hugh jackman, hugh laurie, indie music, interpol, jake gyllenhaal, james frey, james newton howard, jason bateman, john hamm, john krasinski, john williams, joseph gordon-levitt, kevin spacey, lee pace, linguistics, mad men, matt berninger, michael c. hall, michael ian black, monty python, movie scores, movies, music, owen pallett, pangolins, peter krause, pinky and the brain, pushing daisies, quentin tarantino, radiohead, rescue me, robert downey jr., sam raimi, scrubs, second breakfast, seinfeld, sharlto copley, sigur rós, six feet under, snapple apple, spelunking, spider-man, star wars, stella, sufjan stevens, superheroes, tardis, tea, the arcade fire, the bluth family, the daily show, the dark knight, the doctor, the flaming lips, the loop, the national, the northwestern math cheer, the shins, the wire, the x-files, theatre, tony blair, watchmen, word play, x-men, zachary quinto